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Right side A post
My right side A post is twisted inwards slightly (haven’t measured but approximately 1/2 inch from wreck into door. Any tips to straighten it are appreciated 
[Image: 0839-F12-D-7-C5-E-4811-AA0-F-70-E91-BDD99-F5.jpg]
Probably need a better description or photo of the damage
I'm gathering it is down the lower part of the A pillar near the hinges
If so will need to remove the fender and door for better access
Depending on the damage you may be able to rig up a Porta-power and pull it out
If not much experience might be better to go to a local panel beater and get them to pull it out, wouldn't cost a lot I reckon
Main problem will be getting it back to its original position which would be easier to check with a good door or take measurement from the good side
Good luck
Take it to a frame shop.  They have the tools to do it right, and it ends up being pretty affordable.

My bodyman took my unibody to the frame shop to make sure it was all straight before applying finishes.


Have them pull that B-Pillar back in line too.
For sure needs to go on frame machine. A hit like that can tweak the car from front to back. It is all welded together so if one piece moves so do more. Try to find a shop that has one of the machines with a frame that surrounds the entire body. They can to a pull in any direction much easier than some of the newer ones.

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