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Restoration parts
Guys ,

I used Mustangs Unlimited for a couple of years now ,

It seems that their website is down the last 1 1/2 week or so !?
As i realy need to order some parts fast , do you know some other vendors who have the same stuff as M.U. !??

I tried Don's Ohio website , but they don't have all the parts i need.



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I've just started ordering parts and placed a couple of big orders. The first order was with Laurel Mountain mustang on the 8th Feb (I'm still waiting for them to get the order together and send it)

The second order was a very large order that I placed last week with CJ Pony parts, they were very helpful and informed me when I placed the order that it would be a couple of weeks before parts out of stock would be available and they could send the complete order. I ordered through a salesman called Anthony who was very helpful and double checked parts compatability.

I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas eve at the moment.
I heard that you have to wait till 13 o'clock in Belgium and the Netherlands.
When you listed as "restoration parts" if you need Concours correct, National Parts Depot carries a wide range
and I order from them if Don does not have what I am looking for.


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I use The Mustang Shop, its in Calgary Alberta (Canada). They deal with all the major manufacturers and there are very few things that they have not been able to get for me. They ship everything Fed Ex, so it is very easy to get your parts. Melody

[Image: 3483lp4.png]
NPD is 1 hours drive from me, and are very fast and reliable this is where i go first.
Kijiji in canada and Criags list in the US as there us always tons of new and Nos parts
Webdizz;57108 Wrote:I heard that you have to wait till 13 o'clock in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Tried it during daytime and in the middle of the night , i bought stuff from M.U. the last 10 years , never had any problems to order stuff.

I gut stuck with M.U. because they have a huge inventory of stuff , and they were the only vendor who send me a free catalog.
As i have no access to a computer in my workshop a paper catalog is a must have.
Some other vendors would charge me $15,-/$20,- for just a catalog.

since 1998 i restored 2 1968 coupe's , 1 1978 Mach1, and 2 1972 Mach1's with parts from M.U.


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I've used NPD when I've been passing through the Detroit area, I've also used Mustang Project for my L.E.D lights. Otherwise I search Kijiji, Craigslist and swap meets.

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73 Convertible 302-4v-3spd yellow /white int

08 Bullitt 4.6-5 spd black/black int

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I would give Don a call at Ohio Mustang supply. He has always came through for me, and I mean always even on his personal time.
I ususally get the "Down" screen too here in Luxembourg when it´s before noon. I guess they are doing maintenance during the night which for us here in Europe is morning.
I just checked and the site is online and available.
Have you tried refreshing your browser? Otherwise you get the last page on that address that you visited which in this case is the "Down" screen.
Happened to me a while ago till I figured it out.

As for an alternative, I have had some very positive experience with CJ Pony parts who is a vendor on this site.

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