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restoration of a A/C heater box
Hopefully this will help you dive into taking apart the heater box in your car for restoration or repair. it can be a little complicated and dealing with proper hookups of the vacuum motors can be daunting.

a little confusing in these photos was there are 2 A/C heater boxes used in these photos.

the completely busted box with fiberglass repairs, and the A/C evaporator lines cut is my original which was unusable. this was stripped for parts.

a junkyard A/C heater box was then found and was taken apart. with parts from both heater boxes and new replacement parts, the junkyard one was completely restored and then put into the car.

the photos are in order starting with pictures of the fresh from the junkyard replacement box, i documented taken it apart, then restoration begins and finally reassembly, at the end are pictures of my broken original box which is then striped for parts, some i used on the new box.


the letters i marked on various parts
stand for the corresponding vacuum lines from the climate control vacuum octopus .


the vacuum lines are color coded with a color stripe to help you correctly hook them up.

i reused an original evaporator core, one photo shows the reproduction core on the market i did not like it so i went OEM

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