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Resetting the odometer
Has anyone attempted to reset their odometer on their '73? I am tinkering around in there and cannot seem to figure out how to release the numbers from the unit.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
Jack it up and run it in reverse.

When Morris comes home he and I will have a chat.

the speedo gears are housed within a C bracket that is rivited to the speedometer if you drilled the rivets out you would have access to change the numbers, and would also have committed a crime and it would be easy to spot.
you can bend the C channel up a little and try to turn the wheels, or force rotate the wheels into place with a screw driver the unit may be inoperative later. there are people that restore the gauges and they will reset the OD number for you or to any number you want. grey area of legality.
jbnelle;31408 Wrote:Has anyone attempted to reset their odometer on their '73? I am tinkering around in there and cannot seem to figure out how to release the numbers from the unit.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

That may be illegal in some states.
If I got my speedo rebuilt I have to acknowledge the fact the odometer was changed and by whom and for what reason.


[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
To my knowledge, resetting the odometer is considered illegal in most States and certainly NOT something we would encourage or otherwise support on this Site.

Enough said!


Do the RIGHT thing.
When I went from idiot lights to gauges, I set the odometer in the "new" cluster to match the "old" cluster. If I remember correctly, you just very carefully popped one side of the little spindle out of the clip. You only move it back less than 1/4" and you should be able to dial in the correct amount and pop the spindle back in the clip. Don't tr to take it all the way out or you might break something.

And for the record, I would not recommend making an alterations that would be illegal. I simply did it to keep the correct mileage with the car. I transferred the odometer in the GT when I changed the cluster in that. Also, to keep things legal.

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In Virginia if you odometer only goes up to 99999.9 they indicate on any new title that the mileage exceeds the mechanical limitation of the vehicle if you report a higher mileage. Not sure of all the details.

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upload a photo on internet

Here a $209 solution on ebay:


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Flatback72;31488 Wrote:Here a $209 solution on ebay:


That is an interesting sale item. My speedo does not look like that. The number is the same on the speedo "D1ZF-17265" but not the one on display "D1ZZ 17255-A". Also the horse (Hi-Beam indicator) is on the tach. The mileage is at the top with the trip mileage below.


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Drill motor, zip tie and a few hours will roll it over as long as it doesn't read above 99,999. Just prop it up and slot something into the cable input on the back of the speedo. if the slot is square I believe a square recess screwdriver tip fits. I did this on my friends 66 when he restored it. Use a variable speed drill and experiment with the speed so you don't peg the needle. Sounds stupid but it works............eventually.Rolleyes
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