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Reproduction bright trim discoloration
Has anyone experienced reproduction bright trim (silver) taking on a gold cast after some time? The trim appears to be anodized because the aluminum polish has no effect and doesn't take on the black color as it does on bare aluminum. Getting the trim off of the honeycomb insert without breaking it has been a challenge in the past. Any suggestions would be helpful.  Chuck
[Image: IMG_1013.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1014.jpg]
I have seen that on other vehicles repro chrome. It seems to me like its not really chrome, its like cheap metal with chrome looking foil stuff vacu-formed over it or something like that. Ive seen it in cheap chinese headlight trim.
I think it has something to do with a faulty anodizing process. It appears to be triggered by UV as the backside is not discolored. Suppose it is time to strip the anodizing and polish them. More reproduction junk. Is a restoration ever finished or do you just stop at some point and say it's done? Chuck
On your question of getting the trim off the plastic. I am lost there I just took mine off my convertible and the trim clamps the insert on and was in no way fixed to each other. Yes vert has metal insert but I also have Mach 1 panel and they are same trim.
When they do anodizing it can be done in colors also maybe their tanks were not clean?
I just stripped my old ones of the anodize and polished them and sprayed with clear.

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    There are tabs on the honeycomb insert and the repo trim is snapped on to them and doesn't want to come loose. I don't want to break the OEM honeycomb panel. Chuck

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