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Replacing ignition switch
I am replacing the ignition switch on my 73 with a tilt column. I’m trying to insert the new switch and the pin is retracted with the pin retracted the triangle part on the ignition is 180 out from the piece in the column. Am I doing something wrong?

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Are you replacing the key/lock cylinder or the switch, which is on the lower part of the column, under the dash?

If you're replacing the lock cylinder you have to have the switch in the run position, which puts the drive gear in the correct position. You move the rod that's connected to the switch until the drive gear is in the run position.

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I am replacing the switch with the key. How do you move the lower switch to get it in the correct position.

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You don't move the switch, just the rod that goes to it. You just have one ignition switch, and it is the one on top of the lower column. The key/lock isn't really a switch, just what is used to move the rod that is connected to the actual switch. The only wire connected to the lock is for the key in warning buzzer.

When you took the lock cylinder out did the gear move? If so you will have to reposition it. The instructions for correct position of the year, in relation to the actuator rod, is shown in post #5 of this thread. The gear instructions for a tilt column is the same.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
My first Mustang rebuild so a couple of questions please.
I have just overhauled the tilt steering column in my 73. Installed a new switch on the column housing. The switch has "slide" holes to set the correct position. Loosen the nuts and move up or down to get the correct position.
My question now is, what are the positions of the actual key switch?
At the "lock" pointer the key can be removed - ignition off ?
Turn anti-clock wise and the steering wheel locking pin? sticks out but the key cannot be removed. Accessories?
Turn clock-wise from the "lock" pointer - 1 = ignition on
Further turning is spring loaded return = start
Hope this is not too confusing but how does the steering wheel locking pin work if the key cannot be removed?
Is it connected to the transmission lock out on the steering column?
The locking pin is connected to the top end of the switch actuating rod. Whenever the key is in Lock or Accessory position the pin extends to lock the steering wheel.

The lockout rod, from the transmission, prevents the transmission from being shifted out of park when the key is off, and also requires the automatic transmission to be in park to shut it off and remove the key. For manual transmissions the lockout rod is actuated by putting the transmission in reverse.

The key positions are correct as you described them. The only position the key can be removed in is Off, and this is controlled inside the lock cylinder.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Thanks Don,

My lock pin does not extend when in the off (lock) position. Is the problem with the cog in the wrong position. I did not take this section apart as the key turns OK, but not sure what any previous owners may have done. Also can you tell me what sort of knob/handle is used to activate the transmission lockout as all I have is a hole in the column shroud. Any help would be appreciated.
No, the locking pin is connected to the switch actuator rod, and if the gear isn't in the correct position, in relation to the actuating rod, the key won't turn from accessory to start.

The locking pin is spring loaded and may be stuck, or the spring in it broken. You can get more information here

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
The steering lock is ok. I didn't realise until I put the steering wheel on that the locking pin has 2 positions and locks in the "lock" and accessories position. I did pull out the cog and checked and greased it all up. Thanks for your help.

Steering is all done, reconditioned steering box etc.
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