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Removing Rim Blow Steering Wheel
My steering wheel is cocked a little, actually a lot to me, to the left. The car drives and steers just fine with no pulling in either direction.

I know before I bought the car the tilt steering column was removed and sent off to someone that rebuilds them. I was told the tilt was broken and the steering wheel just hung down to the lowest position. It tilts just fine now but I am guessing when it was reinstalled someone was not careful enough to center the steering wheel in the correct position when the wheels were straight.

Is the removal of the rim blow steering wheel easy? Is this something I could do myself without any real fear of tearing it up? Also, I assume that once removed it I could change the position and make it straight again, is that correct on my thinking?
3 screws to remove the pad, then a common steering wheel puller after removing the center nut.

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trainey;166645 Wrote:3 screws to remove the pad, then a common steering wheel puller after removing the center nut.


Then I can put the steering wheel in another position? I assume ther is a nut that holds the steering wheel on and that is how I would get it back on since it takes a puller to get it off.

Sorry, I know the skill level of most of you is WAY out of my league. I don't take cars apart or fix many things on a car for the most part. I do have skills but none that I could use here!

Thanks for the advice. I have learned so much just reading about what most of you have done to your cars. Just a great friendly crowd her at the 71 73 Forum.
I used to do alignments in a shop and they just lock the steering wheel straight and then align the wheels. I caution people on moving the steering wheel because it should be in the right spot in the first place. If not someone did not lock steering wheel when alignment was done it would be crooked. I'm guilty of that, had to redo one before alignment. If your steering column gets too far off it can be bad for the power steering too. the further you turn the more power it adds to assist steering. So normally its important for the steering box to be in the center so its a neutral position with no power assist, from there the steering wheel should be straight or straightened, then the alignment of the front wheels should be done.

But since you had work done to it, it my be on the wrong position and it may be ok to rotate it.I haven't had my steering wheel off on this car before so i can't add to much else but they normally pull right off and are splined so just rotate to the next spline.

Don't take the nut all the way off, leave it on a few threads when you pull the wheel. It will pop off pretty good even with the puller.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
I had mine off a few years ago and if I remember correctly there is a scratch mark on the wheel and on the post that have to line up so the wheel is straight.
Thank you for the advice and tips. I will see if I can take care of this soon. I am certain the alignment is fine, I think the steering wheel was just not exactly straight when the column went back in after the rebuild.
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