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removing pin striping
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Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I could not find anything in the search results.

What's the best way to remove pin striping? I believe mine is an after market add on, and obviously very old.
Heat gun is the best way I know of but you gotta be careful not to burn the paint. The idea is to just melt the glue so you work it as you go. The trick is to begin with minimal heat and get it started, and pull it away from itself while your heating it. You might try a hair dryer on high to start (less chance of burning). There are chemicals to remove it as well. Talk to your local sign guy.
X2 on the hair dryer.
I have a heat gun but never ever use it for decals.
Depending on how brittle the striping is, a dull razor scraper (key word dull) using light pressure may make the job easier. Yes, the paint will be easy to gouge! Go slow.
Follow up adhesive cleanup with mineral spirits on a cotton towel/rag/t-shirt.

Depending on how old the paint is, the stripe will "protect" the paint underneath, sometimes leaving a (nice clean) ghost image behind. Again, depending on the paint, a wet color sand and buff of the area may be required to level the surface.
I've done fiberglass boats where an actual ridge is left where the gelcoat has eroded away around old striping...

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Try a simple hair dryer first!!!!
The heat gun is made for removing paint and that is what it might actually do faster than you think.
A hair dryer has always been hot enough for removing decals and stickers, even on critical surfaces like vintage guitars and stuff.

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thanks to all, the paint job is original and the striping may be as well, I think a chemical solution may be best. The car is in need of new paint all around anyway. I'm curious what type of chemical solution would work best, I'll ask around!
I have used this type in the past, works well but not sure how it would react to old paint or old stripes.

thanks Go Time
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