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Removing crease in top quarter panel
Before you slam, on top pict with paint, the gap is near zero, what is the gap now?
If you have the deck lid still on, I'd stick a piece of board and mark the missing 3-5 mm space. Then when you start massage, you can actually see if you just make noise or actually do something and stop on time, by just closing the lid every now and then checking that mark.

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The lid is still on, I'm using that as a reference. It doesn't need to go until the car is being dipped. Haven't checked the LH tip with paint off but there was not much paint on there to widen the gap really.

The wedge is a good idea. I'm guessing the piece of wood sits in the trunk opening? I do risk pushing the other side outwards as well then but that might not be too bad considering the gap is not perfect on that side either.

OK, great tips guys, thanks!
Since the tail light panel is coming out you should be able to spread the quarter panel out in the rear and get the gap much better. You can put in sheet metal screws to secure the tail light panel and then weld up the holes. Use a piece of copper behind the hole and the weld will not stick and much easier to close the hole up.
Get all the gaps right before welding anything.
The split I would make would be parallel to the gap just inside the bend down to the channel in the trunk. I think you will be ok when you put tail light panel in.
Just go slow and take your time and it will all work out.

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