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Removing Carburetor
Hi Everyone,

I have a 1972 Mustang with a 351C-2V and the stock 2 barrel carburetor. I'm working on removing the intake manifold and need to unhook everything that's attached. I'm still an amateur at this so forgive me if i get the names of parts wrong. I have attached two pictures below showing what i want to take off. I have everything else unhooked, except for the throttle components here. How do i remove this? Do i need any special tools? Is it something an amateur can do? I'd really appreciate your guy's help!



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In the top pic, the bent rod is the kickdown rod that goes to your gear box. You can disconnect it and just let it sit until you're ready to hook it up to a new carb. I believe it's held in place by a little ring with a gap in it, dunno the english name for it. Can be removed with a screw driver.

In the bottom pic we see the throttle cable. I believe that's held in place by a screw.
The throttle just snaps onto a ball and is easy to pull or pry off. Bonnie is correct about the kickdown rod, it just has a clip holding it on.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
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The green throttle cable just pulls off to the side. don't be shy just pull
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