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Relay plate Relays
Does anybody know exactly what relays are on the plate above the glove box? I painted this relay plate and now when I hit my brakes, all the lights in the dash go dim and there is a slow ticking coming from in the dash. Also my hazard lights dont work. I plan to clean the grounded areas on this plate, might that be the issue?
It all depends on what option your car has or had. This may help...

[Image: 73_Mustang_Circuit_Panel_Above_Glove_Box.jpg]

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[Image: DSC_0266xsm.jpg]
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Regarding the grounds, yes, that may be the problem, not only the grounding of the plate, but each component on it grounding to the plate.

I use star type lock washers under the heads of bolts, screws, and/or nuts and between the device and the metal it is attached to for providing and maintaining good grounds.

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UPDATE: I have now found that my new replacement turn signal switch is probably at fault, I removed my steering wheel and everything started working, with the exception that while my hazards are blinking, if I step on the brakes, the turn signal indicators stay on then I let off the brakes and they start blinking again, then while I was turning my hazards on and off, eventually they just wouldn't turn on any more. I think my new turn signal switch is bad. I have a no-tilt column and I think it was a Shee-Mar switch. Are there any GOOD replacement switches that I dont have to splice into the wire harness? Thanks!!
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