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refinishing Rear quarter panels
i am getting ready to refinish the rear quarter panels and the bucket set backs on my convertible.
these parts are white and all have a gritty, crumbly surface that i can scrape off with my fingernails.[Image: back-of-seat.jpg]
my question is, how deep to sand this before starting the process of cleaning and spraying the dye. Will be using the SEM color products tinted for my interior.

Any thoughts or other's experience is appreciated.

I would look for better panels that do not have the sun damage. The ABS turns to chalk when the UV rays bake it. 
I think one of our member did come up with a way of replacing the texture with a spray process before you spray color. There should be lots of seat backs out there since all have them. Just have center release for manual and side, outboard for convenience group.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
thanks for the input.

the quarter panels are the same and i really don't want to find new ones and i have heard they are all pretty crappy.
i thought about covering with vinyl like the new seat covers that i have ordered. i even ordered extra vinyl but my preference is to refinish somehow if i can.

I also have a vert with white intereor. With the same problem you have, and with obvious scratches from articles and people getting in and/or of the back in the past, i figured it was just going to get scored up again. So i chose to replace them with black plastic. They fit great and actually give an additional accent to the black carpet and center console.
Just something to think about.
[Image: IMG-20191207-104038131.jpg]

thanks Dan,
What did you do to rear quarter panels?

I 'lightly' sanded down the surface with 400 and water trying not to take down the textured surface. in some places it was just too badly destroyed so there was nothing i could do about that. After, i sprayed them with Accumatch White (#L-15855) outside in the sun and they came out perfect. I applied two coats; as anymore will again begin to fill in the textured surface. On the back, i applied a thin layer of Dynaliner.
[Image: IMG-20191207-110257138.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20191207-110349358.jpg]

thanks again.
that sounds like an excellent way to start my process. exactly the info i was looking for.

My convertible is mostly original and i am trying to restore everything i can.

I've done the same, and photographed every bolt and nut along the process . Well over 1,000 photos so if you need something, let me know. It's all been categorized.
[Image: IMG-20190413-110839355.jpg]

[Image: Heater-a-c-13.jpg]

that is good to know. i will be concentrating on interior for now.
i have resurrected the console so far.
[Image: IMG-0023.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0028.jpg]
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