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Received Valve Covers from VPW in Australia today (not good)
(04-08-2019, 06:44 PM)jpaz Wrote:
(04-08-2019, 04:23 PM)!73\ mach 1 Wrote: Just want to follow up on this that I received and 2nd set of valve covers today. They came with better packaging and survived the trip across the pond. All has been corrected. They are not perfect in the casting but for the money and the sake of being different they will pass just fine.

Cool but we want pics!! Glad to hear you got new ones.

Here they are. Still have some lines in the casting but I'll be using them for now. Whenever the guy who makes the blue thunders decides to make another  run I'll probably get a set. He said maybe the fall.

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I love those.
Can you post the link to where you bought them.

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