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Rear window Plastic or Glass
For those who have replaced their tops, did you put in glass or plastic rear windows. If you had to do it again what would you use? I have a replacement top but need a rear curtain/window and would like your opinion.

tithompson;120878 Wrote:For those who have replaced their tops, did you put in glass or plastic rear windows. If you had to do it again what would you use? I have a replacement top but need a rear curtain/window and would like your opinion.


In my younger days, I had no cash and had to go with plastic. The only saving grace was as a general rule, the rear window is always down in my car so it never showed.

Every time I had to look at it through my rear view mirror, I wanted to puke. Every time I washed my car, I wanted to puke.

Well, don't be a puker. Get the glass. No comparison. Just know the glass is a lot less forgiving to you leaving a tool or someone else leaving a purse in the convertible top cavity then the plastic. Ask me how I know.

Right now, my rear window is 40 years old. Looks new. Some seam tearing, but I live in California now. Not too worried about the 6" inches of yearly rain, most of that with the car in the garage.

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Wolverine is right. If you can put the glass back in.
Now, I have to admit I have a plastic curtain. Why? Simply because I could not find anyone here who could sew the glass backlite into the top at a reasonable price. That kind of labor is scarce and expensive around here. But I still have the original glass and one day it will go back in.

The plastic just gets ugly and loses its transparency within a short time. Mine is almost opaque on the upper third. Looks cheap and nasty on an otherwise pretty decent car.

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Glass is the best way to go and original
Ditto, go with the glass!

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upload a photo on internet

No brainer, Glasss glass glass....lol
+1 on the glass, it will be worth the extra $$

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Only advatage to the plastic is that the actual window goes all the way down to the metal. That being said I have had glass and had the window once fall down and shatter it is not safety glass and for years there were pieces of glass popping up in the boot and the back of the car.
If you're already doing the top, then go for the glass. I did and it's 100% percent better than the hazed over plastic
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