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Rear window install
I’m about reinstall my rear window in my Grandé. 
What are the thoughts on using the closed cell foam tape on a coup.....
The window leaked a bit before I removed it.
Any input will be appreciated
Use a new good quality weatherstrip, I think Daniel Carpenter makes a good one and use a good sealant inside the outer part of the weatherstrip
I was going to install mine myself but not being a one person job I paid the windscreen guys 50 bucks extra to do it while they did the front screen and they had it done in no time at all plus I didn't have to shell out 30 bucks for a tube of good sealant
I wouldn't bother with the foam tape as it's not very waterproof
Don't ever use the foam tape on anything, windows or roof rail. Good 3-M windshield rubber sealant and like stated the Daniel Carpenter gasket is the best solution.
You just need to make sure your window opening is clean and smooth and has good coat of paint to prevent rust. Do not put a lot of sealer only needs a little. If you put too much trim will not go back on.

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