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rear wheel bearings... hmmm
I I heard a funny noise after I awoken the beast....  so I'm replacing all the wheel bearings.  fronts are straight forward and simple.  but the rears...  I popped out an axle to make sure I got the right stuff.  I'm noticing that the new bearings came with a spacer that looks different in appearance than the original spacers,  but might still be correct. I got front inner and outer and front seals.  and rear bearings,  seal and backing plate gaskets.  here is the comparison of what I have vs what I bought.  I know these spacers are pressed on and I will have the machine shop do that. 
[Image: IMAG2723.jpg]

[Image: IMAG2724.jpg]
The "spacer" is actually a locking collar, which retains the bearing to the axle. They will vary in appearance depending on who supplies the bearings.

Be sure you also replace the seals in the axle tube and use care not to damage them when you put the axle back in place. I also like to dress the axle surface where the seal rides with Scotchbrite or fine emery cloth to give it a fresh place to ride.

yes, I already have the seals. and I have already cleaned up the sealing journal on the axles. I was just asking about the spacer/ collar. so the bearing should slide down until it stops and then the collar goes against it to hold it I'm assuming.
In your picture that looks like a seal on top of the bearing and I do not see the locking ring? Did the bearing come off one of the axles when you pulled it? Looks like the bearing is still in the housing in the one picture.
Be sure that you get the locking ring out of the housing it could make it's way into the gears and boom.
I have overloaded my old van and the axles actually worked their way out of the bearing and ring and started to hit the fender. Had to jack up and beat it back in.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
The seal is still inside the axle housing. But the retainer ring looks slightly different than what came with my new bearing
[Image: 20180406_170526.jpg]

To confirm your question, yes, the new collar is shaped different, but does fit properly. I just replaced the old with Timken bearings/collar. I had a shop remove the old and press on the new bearing/collar.

As an aside, now that I did that, I'm selling the 28 spline axle with new bearings in lieu of 31 spline axles.
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