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Rear Valence hole location
(05-29-2019, 10:37 AM)Fabrice Wrote: btw, why is that hole square?
Bought this set a while back.

The extra plate ensures the bolt doesn't turn (when new, not after 48 years). As the square hole is much bigger, hence the need of a washer for the nut.
Wouldn't a smaller round hole make more sense?

I'm confused as well. Drill a hole and be done with it.

btw, the rear valance panel was one of those items that was installed on the car before final paint. The screws were painted. Had primer where the panels mated together. If you had Décor Group it was also sprayed when assembled.
[Image: DSC-0947-2.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0966.jpg]

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
Well, I went for a round hole so I could make some progress.   I can always square it later but I doubt I will.

[Image: 20190529-154857.jpg]

Now to the next kick in the project nuts.....the bumper bracket mounting hardware.

They say it is OEM, but mine came with the giant U nuts like the body assembly manual shows.  The ones from the master body kit are not long enough to work
[Image: 20190529-154149.jpg]

[Image: 20190529-154120.jpg]

It's always nice to be able to say "I found my nuts" after a day like this.
7/16X5/16" rectangular hole.

I'm with you on the transfer method to locate it.  Too much of a chance of other monuments to measure from being different with reproduction sheetmetal.

[Image: CJTb-Wd-Wb-Rl-Fsh-SCRjg-C4g.jpg]
Thanks for the information and the reply.  At least its easier to make the hole larger than smaller!

A rechromed original bumper.

[Image: 20190601-102036.jpg]

[Image: 20190601-095129.jpg]

Yep, my car will not be perfect by any means, I chose to use as many of the original parts as I could, Not the original finishes on the fasteners, but I had to use the original bumper hardware. Original bumper bolts and license light assembly too. That Valence is NOT perfect, but it is original Ford also.

Nice! Who re-chromed your rear bumper and how much did that cost you?

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(06-02-2019, 06:46 AM)NOT A T5 Wrote: Nice! Who re-chromed your rear bumper and how much did that cost you?

The  company was A&A Plating in Independence,  mo.  I cannot recall the price as it was done 14 years ago.

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