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Rear sway bar install
I just ordered an addco 7/8 heavier rear sway bar to replace the tiny factory piece, part #990 01. Just wondering if anyone has done this on a 71 to 73 fastback? I have the 1 1/8 front installed already and am hoping for a decent cornering ride when I finally finish it lol.
Well, if your car was originally equipped with a competition suspension and your just upgrading the hardware to a thicker bar, then ignore this.

If your car did not have a rear sway bar from the factory and your adding one now then the addco rear sway bar kit is terrible in my opinion, I had major issues with fitment and clearance.

Under full suspension compression the sway bar hardware can damage the main fuel line.

I ended up taking mine off and throwing it in a box.

Otherwise I saw the biggest change by just using a thicker front bar.
Thanks for the quick reply, I was on the fence for ordering the adjustable 3/4 inch addco for like $135 bucks but one of my spare cars had the competition suspension in it and I decided to put the 5 leaf packs with the sway bar brackets in my car and I ordered the 7/8 replacement for the factory sway bar. This should be the best way to not interfere with my exhaust when I install it and less problems than you were having hopefully. Thanks
What I hate is they don't offer a correct rear sway bar conversion kit for non-competition suspension cars.

The competition suspension rear sway bar is the perfect shape compared to the terrible retrofit adco bar.
I agree with 72 H Code on the non-OEM style bar. The replacement bar should work great with the 1 1/8 front bar. There is an article on the 429 Mustang and Cougar Megasite that shows the installation.


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