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Rear suspension boxy thing
You know ... I see others that don't have this type of scaffolding, and mine does .... what is it and what does it do ? 

Please help .. need expert advice before I have a meltdown  devil

[Image: under-2.jpg]


[Image: wizzy.jpg]
Enjoy's searching out 71-73 history


Please don't have a meltdown! Those are aftermarket traction bars. They were designed to control rear spring wrap up or wheel hop. This occured when the rotational force of the tires caused the axle housing to twist during hard acceleration such as during a drag race. The twisting motion of the axle housing was a reaction to the torque from the engine forcing the springs to bend into an S-shape. All this  caused the tires to lose traction and jump, or "Wheel Hop"! Once traction is lost the springs snap back into their original position and everything starts all over again until broken parts start flying off the car (ask me how I know about that) or you let up. That's something a lot of us "Old Schoolers" had on our cars during our drag racing days. The Ford staggered shocks didn't appear until the 68 1/2  428 Mustangs hit the streets and was only on the big block 4sp cars and 69-70 Boss 302's until 1971.

[Image: wheel-op.jpg]


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Another popular style is the so called Shelby traction bars.

An advantage to this style of traction bar is that they also stop wheel hop on hard braking, which the slapper and caltrac bars don't.

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Thanks guys -- makes sense - I've seen a load of cars on intardnet for sale that don't have them at all ... I'm never doing burnouts or racing my car...just drive it normally. 

what I will say is that I feel the rear suspension to be a bit harsh

[Image: wizzy.jpg]
Enjoy's searching out 71-73 history

Haven't seen those on a car in some time. Usually they are brightly colored to show "I mean business!".
Since I was just a poor kid I could not afford traction bars. The poor mans solution to help prevent it was to take another main leaf sprint cut it off in the rear just past the clamping surface. and place it on top of the main spring. We also would make up heavy clamps that we would clamp the front of the spring ends together to prevent them from separating. They are left loose so the springs can flex and grow in length so the ride was not as good but wheel hop was gone.

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