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rear side window motor
What can I do with this dying 1/4 window electric motor? Is there a replacement or a fix? Thank you all.
There's a Youtube video about fixing the pancake motors from West Coast Classic Cougar (WCCC).

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
The WCCC info is great. They are a bear to get apart sometimes. The grease inside turns to chunks over time and sometimes they rust. A good cleaning will do wonders. When you go back together I would use the Lucas Red N Tacky #2 grease works great on the tracks and guides also.

You should take the tracks and window out and clean and grease them also.
If you have a 71 or 72 be very careful when removing the bezels. The clips are hens teeth. Take a thin screw driver and slide in like in the pictures and release the two clips from each side and they come right off. 73 has a single screw in the bottom and come off easy.
The rear motors are scarce the fronts are everywhere new or kits for the gears.  The fronts will loose the anti rattle clips in the nylon guides and cause the window to rattle when you close the door.
The rear window will come out the top opening and the motor out the hole in the bottom inner panel. Mark where the screws are so easier to readjust them.
If something will not come out do not force it you are doing something wrong. They will slip right out and in. I believe you need the window in the down position to get the motor out. Been couple years since I took out.

[Image: DSC-2041.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2042.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2043.jpg]

[Image: grease.jpg]

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