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Rear Shock Mounting Plates

Question about rear shock mounting plates(passenger side):
- Is it possible to weld it when it is disassembled from the car?
- Is it back strong enough?

Somebody experience

From my past experiences with repairs "in place" I would suggest that you remove the spring plates to complete the repair. It will be much easier to properly prep and weld the part on the bench. I will insure you the results will be well worth the additional time spent.
Thanks, Jay
It appears that the nuts on the u bolts have been over tightened leading to bending the shock plate and the cracking of the plate. Take it off the car , vee the cracks with a small hole drilled at the end of the cracks to stop it. Straighten the plate then add reinforcement and weld the reinforcement metal onto the plate. Then put back on the car and don't over tighten the u bolts. I believe factory spec was 75 ft. Lbs torque. Check on the torque spec, put in on properly and enjoy.

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Why not just get a new one?

Brackets for standard rear shocks are everywhere. For a normally driven street car with staggered rear shocks you can just flip one around and use it on the other side.

Last resort would be to find the correct staggered shock brackets but they are slightly pricey.

Your looks bent as well as cracked. Someone had fun with the impact!

- Paul
Thank you for the advice, after disassembling let i it welding by a professional.

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