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Rear package tray removal
I have a 1973 Mach 1 and need to know the best procedure in removing and repairing the package tray board behind the rear seat. I've already removed the speakers; what's next?
well if they cut into the metal and you want to fix it, then you need to weld in patches, if you just want to have a new tray you have some options.

1) you can buy the fiberboard online they make the cutouts for you to put back there, you just need to spray paint them to match your interior.

2) you can go to any home store and buy Masonite its a layered paper board with a smooth side and a rough side.

then use your old package tray insert as a template and cut out the new one, spray paint and your good to go Smile

you can also pick up some foam insulation and put a sheet under the package tray to eliminate vibration and give a little noise cancellation

my car somebody cut speaker holes in the tray, i just covered it with new insulation and a package tray.
How does the fiberboard come out? Remove back seat and remove metal trim right behind back seat. How is the metal trim held?
sgtjd;26939 Wrote:How does the fiberboard come out? Remove back seat and remove metal trim right behind back seat. How is the metal trim held?
Remove the metal trim plate that a attached with sheet metal screws. You will also need to remove the plastic trim panels (sheet metal screws) located between the package tray and the sail panel that is covered with head liner material. If I remember correctly, the rear of the package tray slides into a slot in a metal trim panel at the rear. The finish surface on the repos I've seen is nothing more than charcoal colored paper. I used primer sealer to seal the paper, then applied top coat color. An interior assembly manual would be a good investment if you plan to do serious interior work, about $15-$20.

Good Luck,
3 Phillips head screws on each side for the lower sail panel covers. then you unscrew the top trim for the rear seat(2 piece textured metal).

then rip out the old and finish and install the new, there is no slot i remember but the rear panel under the glass has a lip the rear of the panel sits on, then when you reinstall the sail panel covers that holds the sides down. when you put the top of the rear seat trim back it holds the front of the panel from coming out. really simple slide in piece.
Perfect thanks. Great weekend project.......
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