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rear hood corner protectors
Does anyone still have the black plastic protectors on the rear corners of the hood? I think the y stopped using the sometime in January 1972 but, I'm trying to narrow it down/confirm the dates. Small holes on the rear corners of the hood may indicate that the hood came with the protectors. I know it seems trivial but, this is the concours tab. All information appreciated. Chuck

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I am unaware of any plastic pieces on the back of the hood unless you're talking about the plastic pieces that go under and around the back (top) edges of the fenders, those pieces are really hard to find since a 71 thing only. I have a pair (one of them is missing a small piece) that can snap a pic of but I have to dig them up.
Chuck, are you referring to the upper rear of the front fender? If so, Ford called those "Front Fender Fillers. We discussed those in mach1000's post. There were also some fender and hood rear moldings Ford used for a very short time in early 71 production. The hood rear molding (D1ZZ-16B918-A) was a push on type with no attaching parts required. All Mustangs and  Cougar XR-7 (65F and 76F) had these moldings installed up to 2/1/71. The upper rear edge of  the fenders also had a push on molding but were different between the Mustang and Cougar. The Mustang (left: D1ZZ-16C133-A right: D1ZZ-16C132-A) and Cougar XR-7 (left: D1WY-16C133-A  right: D1WY-16C132-A) were not used after 2/1/71 and can be difficult to find and in good shape.
I have a early build 71 Mach1 (9-21-70) that I acquired in 1981. Most of  the hood rear molding was already missing (probably done by PO when the hood was removed for an engine swap) and what was left of the fender rear crumbled when touched. Time was not kind to these moldings.


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Thanks Steve! That was what I was referring to. I asked because an MCA judge told me they were used through 01/72. I didn't sound right to me so, I asked.

Thanks Again,
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