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Rear factory sway bar addition?
I would like to install a factory rear sway bar into a 71 convertible that never had one.  I have not had much luck finding info on what it takes.  I believe  i may have to punch some holes in the frame?  I also have no dimensions.
It is VERY possible to do this.  Why do I say that?  Because that's what I did for mine.

Check in with one of the vendors for a rear sway bar kit, follow the directions, and install.  I didn't have to drill anything, as the kit used existing holes/openings in the rear frame rails.

I scored mine as part of a Super Suspension Kit from a vendor called Laurel Mountain Mustang.  Unfortunately, they've gone out of business since 2011 when I made the purchase, but there are many outstanding venders advertising on this site who offer these kits.  Check with Ohio Mustang Supply, CJ Pont Parts, National Parts Depot, et al.

Hope that helps!


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You can retrofit the factory rear bar. The holes are already in the frame rail, but the reinforcement plate is not in place. A square u-bolt is often substituted and works fine, or you can cut open the rail and insert your own plate.

My kit came with the square U-bolts you mentioned, as a matter of fact. thumb


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