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Rear brake hose too short?
I installed the 5 leaf-leaf springs in my car, and now when I jack the rear of my car up that rubber hose looks like it is stretched to it's max!! Anybody else run into this? How did you fix it? Thanks!!
The limiting factor is usually the shock absorbers. Did you replace them with longer than stock shocks? Using the brake hose for a limit strap will result in failure. You'll need to either replace the hose with a longer one, it's possible the hose is incorrect, too.

You can always do like the off-roaders, add limiting straps to the rear axle to limit the downward travel of the axle. Smile

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I just used the Koni Gas-a-just shocks from CJ's. I will take another look, it's just that the last time I had it up it looked like it was really reaching. Thanks for the info.
I ran into the same issue on one of my cars years back and ended up using a hose from a 70-71 Torino.

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