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REALLLLY long test drive???
So I am trying to sell my '72. I have several people interested, one coming tomorrow and one on Saturday. The guy coming on Saturday has called me 3 times now. Today he called and had several good questions, then he asked one that I am not sure how to answer.

The question was, "I want to take it to my mechanic, body shop, and my interior guys for assessment". While I am certainly Ok with getting an informed decision, the buyer lives about 65 miles away (each way). So this would mean him driving the car across LA and back after taking it to three different businesses, probably several days at least.

I want to sell the car. I want the buyer to be comfortable. I want a fair deal for both of us. What would you do?

If I let them take the car, what kind of agreement, deposit, contract, insurance, would you require? I was thinking a deposit at least what an insurance deductible would be. My wife just flat out said no. HELP!

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I would offer to meet him at the first place he wanted to take the car. Then he can drive it to the other two while you follow in his car.
If it was me...I would flat out say...No...Gas is way to high....And last thing you need is more undue miles on a car your tring to sell....Specialy if something happend to it on the drive over "accidents or whatever" God forbid....I know you wanna sell the car...But i wouldnt do that....I would flat out say..bring who ever you want with you...They can check out the car.....Send anyone he wants...Im sure they would make the trip if they wanted it bad enough...65 miles isnt nothing for some one wanting the car...But making the car owner deliver the car too auto palces so they can check it out? thats unheard of in my book...Either he comes with all the people to check it out...Or not...I would not "unless he happens to be a good freind" Do that for anyone..lol
not in a million years will I let a stranger drive my car ...no matter what the intentions...

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JimNiki;81995 Wrote:not in a million years will I let a stranger drive my car ...no matter what the intentions...

agreed, he would not drive the car unless I was with him and it would not be a 130 mile test drive!
I Have To Agree With Everone Else, Sorry, But "NO". If He Wants It Bad Enough He Can Make Arrangements Locally. You Are In California For Gods Sake, There Has To Be Restoration Shops All Over That Will Inspect The Car For Him, For A Minor Fee.

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Dave , i wouldn't do it.

take a car for a test drive is one thing , but drive it to 3 different places goes realy too far in my opinion.
I always use "automobileinspections.com" to inspect cars for me in the US , the costs are $ 379,- you can see what's included on their website.


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Maybe with a non refundable deposit would I consider it. Its not unreasonable except for the amount of miles and you do not know the person.
It's very unreasonable..& You would have to be crazy to do it..I've looked at plenty of cars for other people.The buyer would pay a fee to whoever he wants to inspect the car..There's no reason he can't have the people come to where the car is & have them inspect it there. Unless of course he doesn't want to pay them to do so. Simple answer to that is that your removing the insurance & plates so any inspections have to be done where the car is located..end of conversation..If he wants the car bad enough he will do what he has to do. Interior shop ? thats a new one I never ever heard of someone taking a car they may buy to a interior shop for inspection..This guy is off his rocker..Too many red flags...forget it in my opinion

Don't let the car out of your sight or off your property - a serious buyer would bring someone around to look at the car.

Or tell him you'll take it to all the places he listed - for a thousand bucks up front.

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