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RAM AIR - manifold and distributor
I keep seeing conflicting information on what aftermarket intake manifold and distributor will actually work with a functional RAM AIR system on a 73 Mach 1 351C.  Without making any modifications to the RAM AIR.

So I'll just ask the question - since I can't find a reasonable answer in any threads or on other forums.

What 4V intake manifolds will work?  Other than stock 4 barrel manifold.
What electronic distributors will work?  Must work with factory tach.

And another question - has anyone used the 429 RAM AIR base on a 351C with one of the taller manifolds?


1969 Acapulco Blue Convertible
     408C CJ, 5 Spd
1973 Lava Red Mach 1
     Being restored - 351C, 4V, AOD
OK - couple of things going on.

I don't believe there is a difference between a 429 and 351C Ram Air air cleaner - otherwise, the Mustang vendors would have separate offerings. Wink

I'm not sure which aftermarket electronic distributor will work with the factory tach, since it's wired into the factory harness with resistor wires and other considerations - it won't be a simply "plug-n-play" deal, in other words.

You'll need a 'stock height' intake manifold to work with the Ram Air air cleaner and plenum.  There are several to choose from, but the most common would be the Edelbrock Performer (non air-gap - there's a difference).  If your engine is a factory 351C-2V, then you'll look for the Edelbrock #EDL-2750

Stock style/sized distributors work with the Ram Air air cleaner - so, MSD, DUI, HEI, etc. dizzies are no good for this.

Having said all that, I went with the Edelbrock 2750 intake, 600 Performer carb, Duraspark ignition with a Cardone distributor (Duraspark) #100-302893, and because my car didn't have a factory tach, I went with an RCCI clock/tach conversion (which wires up as an aftermarket tach would).

There should be some instructions in a few threads on how to wire up an aftermarket ignition/distributor to the factory tach here in the forums.  Just gotta find 'em, though.  Check the Tutorials sections.

Hope this helps.


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The only thing I can add is the 429 ram air cleaner has a much different offset than the 351C type.I am not sure if they are different in height. Finding one for a 71 429 mustang is very difficult and costly.
Thanks, Jay
OK - I take that back.  I just checked a few of the vendors and the Ram Air air cleaners offered are for 351C only.

Thanks for the tip, Jay - I wasn't aware that they were 2 different animals between the 351C and 429s. thumb

It sounds like you (dfayette) might be able to sell a 429 Ram Air air cleaner for enough money to get a new reproduction 351C Ram Air air cleaner set-up (if not more - find Bob Perkins and soak him for some $$$ like he does with $4000 Autolite carbs. Wink Big Grin rofl


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I think there were several different Ram Air set ups so beware when buying one to know it fits. Torino, Cyclone, Ranchero and I think some others had ram air also.
On one of my parts searching trips I saw three different ones at one guys shop. He did not know what they were for.

[Image: DSC-2248.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2254.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2255.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2256.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2257.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2258.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2259.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0826.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0828.jpg]

photo host

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I have the RAM AIR setup for my car.
I need a stock height manifold and it sounds like the Edelbrock 2665 is the one I need for my 4V Cleveland.  Anyone know how much better than stock it is?  Or of any other manifolds that will work, that are good manifolds?

Looks like stock distributor is best, probably with a pertronix upgrade, so my factory tach still works.

Any different info out there?


1969 Acapulco Blue Convertible
     408C CJ, 5 Spd
1973 Lava Red Mach 1
     Being restored - 351C, 4V, AOD
Stock distributor with pertronix and the Blue Thunder manifold works if you want a performance intake. The Edelbrock performer works too, but it’s pretty much the same as the stock cast iron. Do a search about it and you will find some more info.

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