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ram air
have a 408c with edelbrock air gap intake with a 1/2 spacer. if I run the top half of the ram air on the hood, will the air cleaner fit up inside the hole. have a 13 inch air cleaner. have about 1/2 inch between top of wingnut to bottom of hood.
[Image: 20170122_090341.jpg]
I cannot say for sure. Different combinations of engine mounts, carbs and manifolds make it impossible to say what will work. I would use clay to get accurate dimensions of clearances. You can also lay a straight edge from fender to fender and measure down to air cleaner. Never put it on an try to shut the hood you will probably dent the hood.

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I agree, use clay, Play-Doh works great.

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Tin foil will work also

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does anyone know the size of hole of the hood side of the ram air unit.
It should fit here is mine.

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