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Rag Joint Q
Reading through old threads I find mention of two different size pins. The pins on what I bought are the same size? Also, the "bracket" that came with the kit is not present on my original coupling?

[Image: IMG_1995_zpsi3fjogyb.jpg]

Also, I cannot get the coupler on far enough to get the bolt through it. I had Power Steering Services rebuild the box and install their quick ratio conversion. Any ideas?

[Image: IMG_1996_zpsfop5pegl.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1997_zpsnyty6sih.jpg]
the rag joint kits on the market are designed to rebuild the oem one.
something like this is aftermarket where there was no rag joint.
the factory rag as 2 pivots one large one small to help with alignment when installing and for a mechanical connection like a U joint.
the plate on the steering column if original will have the 2 different sized pins.
aftermarket rebuild oem kits usually come with 4 or 5 different pivot pins because the different years used different sizes.

you would have to modify the steering column plate to make something like this work correctly as well.
those pins provide the actual mechanical engagement between the steering column and the steering box. the rubber is just a vibration isolator between the mechanical engagement, without it the pins and the plate would be knocking around the entire time as you went down the road and you would feel it in the steering wheel as well. should the rubber fail the pins will remain engaged.

many people have cars where the rag joint was replaced incorrectly and the mechanical connection is just on the rubber disc that can lead to a huge accident due to lose of steering control when the rubber rips. This happened to me minus the accident, but i lost control in the driveway.

so those pins are very important.
Thanks. Can you recommend a replacement?
I just got a Scott drake one. Looks like original
87fox72mach;283918 Wrote:I just got a Scott drake one. Looks like original

I have read that the pins are shorter than original and non-functional? Do they measure the same diameter and length as the originals?
If I remember right the non tilt version is one 5/16" pin and one 9/16" pin.

2nd on the Scott Drake ones having pins too short.

Looks like you bought a Lares brand one.
Yes it is a Lares.
I have thought about calling Lares up and seeing what their minimum run would be. I don't think there is a quality direct replacement being made right now. It would be nice if Lares would be willing to make up a small run of 36 spline couplers with one 9/16" and one 5/16" pin of the proper length. If you knew someone skilled with a lathe they might be able to chuck up a Lares 204 in a lathe and turn down one of the 9/16" pins to 5/16", but I don't know if they are long enough.

Steering couplers are pretty critical parts and it seems like the 71-73 uses an oddball one.

Some of the rebuild kits are pretty bad. The rubber coupling with the "Help" brand kits looks like conveyor belt and only has reinforcement running one direction.

The Scott Drake ones are a future death trap since the pins are not long enough to couple with the slots on the column flange.

Be sure to post something if you find a quality supplier
I tried a Scott drake one and it wouldn't even fit on the steering input shaft, had to return it. I bought a help parts kit and rebuilt my original. It turned out pretty good.

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
Thanks guys just compared mine and wow the drake one is shorter. Can't believe they would screw up such an easy part. My original isn't frayed or anything. I think I'll just put it back in
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