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Radio Wiring SPLICE (1971 coupe)
I bought am/fm 8-track off ebay. Havent' got it yet but know it has (five wires) on one pigtail and (two wires) on another pigtail. The radio's wires are cut. I've taken my dash out and only see one pigtail that might be the radio. See attached pic (Black/Blue-Red/Green/Green) pigtail (two female & one male).

A. The radios' five wire harness are; pink/pink/white/orange/black
B. The radios' two wire harness are; blue/black
See attached pic.

I can't read schematics very well.....
Anyone give me an idea if the dash pigtail is right or if you can identify what the radio's wires go to?

Thanks for any assistance. Not many options on the coupe.

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Hi Bill,

There should be 2 conectors for the radio under the dash , one has 3 wires ( White / light green - Black / White - Orange/light green ) one has 2 wires ( Light Blue / red stripe - White / Purple stripe ).

If i see the conectors on your picture , it doen't make any sence !?

There are wiring diagrams present on this website , via data ( top of the screen ) to the 71 wiring diagram , but you'll have to practice in reading it.


[Image: hvrju1.png]
It's 30 years of mess under there. Can anyone tellme on the stereo (Hot & ground) and I'll figure it out from there?
THanks JB
It's been a long time since I messed with one of these but if memory serves the blue wire is for the light, the black wire with it is ground, the red wire is 12+, pink is left and right speaker + and the black/pink is speaker - but if I were you, I would take the cover off and trace the wires...should be marked on the board
Thanks wendell, that helps a bunch. I'll do that and double check the internet when i get the numbers off the unit..
I found a site that has all the wires identified to in detail. The only problem is there is no ground. The two black wires are; power and common speaker return. I've read that some philco's use the antenna as the ground. Anyone have input before I fry the radio?
Philco; D8AF 19A168 AB (am/fm 8-track)

Got it working, just grounded the radio chasis to a solid vehilce ground. Thanks all.

Yup...most Ford batteries are grounded via a mounting strap.

Let me check your shorts!

[Image: Flamicon2.jpg]

[Image: oldfart.png]
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