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Own a 72 convertible coup. I have the existing am factory radio. Works fine but nobody broadcasts music on am. I have found people online who will not only replace old components (caps,transistors etc.) , but also convert to am/fm. Found some guy in Texas who will do this for about $300. The only problem is the reviews on his work aren't too stellar.
I like the retro look of the push buttons and knobs and I do not want anything modern. Want to keep the look of 1972. Would also be great if there was a jack for an ipod or sat radio receiver. Please any suggestions on a course of action. Cruising at 55-60 mph just doesn't cut it while listening to talk radio.
I'd look at maybe doing a factory am/fm, am/fm 8 track or even am/fm cassette from a 70-early 80s ford product. I have a factory 8 track player from a 76 Lincoln in mine and it works great have both fm radio and 8 tracks for music. Also have a 79 Lincoln cassette player with my iPod to cassette adapter I can listen to all my music on there as well as fm, and tapes. You can pick up factory radios for around $100 or less I could see spending $300 on having one converted.
Hey Chet,

Probably not the way you wanted to go, but i thought i'd show you what i ended up doing when i decided to replace my original AM radio. Might give you a couple of ideas.




Hi Chet,

I went with the Custom Autosound USA-630 Radio, specifically the one with the Mustang logo and running horse(s). It's not exactly what you're looking for but might be pretty close. Below is their website and the actual one I purchased. Good luck and keep us posted.



I also a '72 convertible and went with the Undercover II speakers that will be tucked away under the backseat.


As most here know I am a modifier. That said I really try to keep from totally taking the car out of the era and do many things like this subtly.

Good Luck and keep us posted!

There was a guy selling on eBay, that had converted original AM-FM radios, and AM-FM-8Track radios with an MP3 input jack. He had great reviews. I havent looked if he is still there selling or not, but you may want to look there.

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I put a modern radio in the glove compartment and left the original radio for looks. I have an I pod hookup and a remote. Speakers in the back and in the doors.
If I was going for modded, I really prefer Austin Vert's (Greg's) setup. It is a very clean look.

Alarmrick - you mention you kept original in place and put your newer radio in the glovebox. Do you have pics of how you have it all mounded in there?
I really like leaving the original radio and have the new stuff very concealed/hidden. And then using a remote to operate the newer system.

I saw a sweet system with the head unit installed in the passenger side sunvisor. It had a DVD monitor screen with a camera that doubled as a vanity mirror for that passenger side (US) sunvisor. I suppose one could configure a backup camera in there somewhere too.
I just really liked that hidden setup. If I did it - I'd have to buy another sunvisor and put my original back in case I wanted to return it to 100% original. -Kinda particular with stuff like that... I know, maybe a little too much. Big Grin

If anyone else has a nice hidden setup - pm me or post it up here. THX


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I have also this type of radio but it is working in better condition.
I used a factory AM/FM radio from a 72' Thunderbird, its got 4 channel output, and I use a FM modulator so I can use the MP3 player.

1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
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