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Radiator Support Replacement
If I can purchase an NOS radiator support vs one made by Dynacorn are there any pros and cons to either?  Are there any benefits to going the reproduction route such as design improvements or anything else?
I habe no experience with the dynacorn unit, but i always opt for the real thing over a repro. Just my preference.

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dynacorn  benefits......you can send it back when it doesn't actually fit (I might actually fit)     cons .....time wasted

oe benefits ........it fit......once              cons.........1 hour to 4 months of your time dependent on how bad it is, the work required, coatings, fittings, etc.........that                                                                                   screw/bolt you never knew was there or where it went

rofl Shootself
+1 on the OEM support. I installed one in my car and it went very smooth and fit exactly like it was supposed to. Spend the extra $$$ you will not be disappointed.....
Thanks, Jay
I think we are all probably in the same place. If there is a new repro it would be best to go for it, unless like a few they are problems and more questions should be asked. If it doesn't work for you then you're only out a little bit of time and not a huge amount of resto. If you cant find it well its going to take resto.
In line with this topic, I've decided to work with the dynacorn repros for drip rail and front and rear glass trim. That is.... until I completely strip, sand mirror finish, and clear a 100% oe set of drip channels, rails, front, rear, and quarter glass trims.
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