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Quick question for a knowledgeable person.
In what circumstance does a 73 coupe have the lower chrome trim but not the trim around the wheel arches. Im under the impression that you get all the trim on the base model (which I'm pretty sure my car doesn't have a single option past blue glow paint) then of you got the decor group you'd lose all of it and gain the black or argent paint+different trim. Perhaps somebody removed all my trim when it was repainted?

Also what was the deciding factor on the sport mirror vs regular mirror. Were they a Grandé thing?
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All of my Mustangs(Sportsroof + Convertible) had both kick panel trim and wheel well molding. If your car had wheel well molding, you would see the holes in the edges of the fenders.

My understanding is sport mirrors were provided in pairs. Non sport mirrors were singletary. Both my mustangs had sport mirrors.

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If you decide to get rid of the rocker trim, I'd be happy to take it off your hands... Big Grin

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Mirror would have been single chrome unless it was ordered and / or came with sport mirrors - like W said -sport mirrors were always pairs

Not sure on your lower trim but...

To remove the lower 10 piece trim, you would need to grind off studs and weld up quite a few holes.

Then to add the rocker trim you would need to add the studs.
Not easy to add the factory type studs.
i thought for the wheel trim you needed to order the car with the decor group. didn't decor also come with the trailing edge brightwork for the hood and you got the little bright work pieces for the fender tops under the windshield and also the door edge trim that they called the paint protectors.

?? i know ford changed this a few times depending on Year,,, i have 72 info but i havn't looked at it in a while and i don't know how much that changed for 71 or 73?

remember something would also delete the lower trim on coupes i cannot remember but i read it somewhere......
I know my '71 Mach 1 being a 'non-stripe' car had the rocker trim.

Unfortunately, I only have 6 of the 10 pieces, as the ones from the fenders were MIA when I bought the car. I carefully removed those 6 pieces... and no - they're not going back on (even if I somehow managed to find the missing fender pieces).


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My 73 came from the factory with the Decor group and did NOT come with the wheel arch trim or the hood edge trim along the rear edge of the hood. The wheel well lips DO have the holes for the trim, but as I said, did not come from the factory with the trim.

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upload a photo on internet

My 73 convert came with rocker molding and chrome wheel trim factory.

The decor group included the other molding pieces you can see in OLE PONY sig.

I don't know if ALL chrome rockers came with chrome wheel moldings.

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Pics of modifications included in:
Ya i posted that brochure and since I don't have a Marti report yet I'm just going to assume my car was not equipped with the decor group. From the look of the base blue coupe in the brochure it had all the trim around the bottom. I just wondering if it was all trim only unless you had the decor group or if they ever made them with just the piece I have.

[Image: 6s3las.jpg]
Decor group cars when also equipped with the side tape stripes (Boss type aka 'hockey sticks) did not have the moulding like OLD Pony's car. The black or argent lower body color had a small 1/4 inch (I think) black/argent tape stripe instead.

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