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Decided to do a few things in prep for installing the new susp. Here's how to do new wheel bearings for the front & rear..I will finish up this how to when we do the install..The front wheel bearings have a seal on the back that has to removed first..once thats done you can remove the race..Just lightly tap it out with a punch taping at 12 o'clock 6--3 & 9 till it comes out..do the same for the front race..To install the new race I just use the end of a wooden hammer..Just do the same for install as removal till the new race is seated..For the rear The easy way is to cut the bearing & bearing retainer with a cutoff wheel don't cut all the way thru..After you make the 1st cut make 1 one more 180 degrees from it..Put a chisel in the slot...tap & it should break right in half..More to come. (I cleaned up the steering box too today)

Wheel hub
Rear of wheel hub
Rear seal removed & old bearing
New bearings,Races,seal
Punch to remove races
Rear race removed
Old races removed
Installing new rear race
Rear alxe inner part of bearing cut
Cutoff wheel used
Steering box almost cleaned

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