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Quick help...return spring on carb
My buddy and I just replaced some pieces on the carb. We are putting on the return spring to the carb and the back piece of it doesnt appear to have a hole to clip onto, it just grabs a back of a piece. As seen in the photo, is that correct? The front part of the spring hooked in but again the back part is just grabbing on. Just want a second opinion on that. Cant remember when I took it off.
Far as I know, examples equipped with the 2-barrel 2100 and 4-barrel 4300 (mild spreadbore)/4350 (Q-jet style spreadbore) cars did not have separate factory return springs - the return is the coil spring that is wrapped around the throttle cable.

The spring you have there is an addition. I'd suggest drilling a small hole in the throttle bracket so you can seat the end securely.


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+1 on the above.
Always good to have a backup in my book...

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Cool. Thanks guys. Appreciate it.
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