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Quick fuel pump question
Hi folks,

Just a quick question about removing the fuel pump from my 351C:

When it comes off, will there be much oil running out or not?

There shouldn't be any. It's above the normal oil level.

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Super, thanks. Hopefully I'll get around replacing it tomorrow, if I can get the ps pump out of the way. (I rather not disconnect it)
Hmmm, I replaced my fuel pump on my 73 351 convertible last year without having to remove anything to do with the P/S pump... It is just about having the right tools to reach I guess; but it can be done (+ my car had A/C also...). Good luck with the change.
Normally the only oil you should see would be on the fuel pump arm. Like Pastel Blue stated having the proper tools and patience is the key to a stress less installation. I replaced the fuel pump on my 71 "M" Mach 1 with AC and PS with out moving anything. In fact it took me twice as long to replace the fuel pump on my 85 GT with 4bl engine! Good luck


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
Thanks guys. I'm going in from above, where the ps pumps sits right on top of the fuel pump. The ac pump isn't there anymore so that saves me some trouble. It would be easier from u derneath the car I reckon but I can't get underneath safely so...
You need to do it from underneath the car is too much work from above.

Jack it up and put stands under it or
drive it up on ramps or
jack it up and put some wood blocks under the front tires.

Makes it an easy job!

Hang the nose over the edge of a driveway or park so it is protruding over a curb if you can find a suitable location if you don't want to mess with jacks.
The use of a wobble extension makes it pretty easy (Easy for me to say I own 100 jack stands and don't have power steering)

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
I also did mine without moving the PS pump. My wrench was short, and I only got about an eighth of a turn then had to flip the wrench and do another eigth of a turn... Took about a half hour just to get the top bolt out.

When putting the new one in, you may want to have someone tap the ignition switch to turn the engine over just slightly to align the cam shaft such that there isn't any pressure on the fuel pump's armature. Might be a good idea to disconnect the coil to be sure the engine doesn't start, though.
So far so good. Getting the ps pump out of the way was easy. I had to stop though because I'm lacking wrenches in inches (I only have metric). So that kinda sucks coz I can't finish today...
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