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Question: Torque vs. HP
So I read the HP for my '71 Cleveland is 285 with torque at 370.
The Boss 351 is 330 HP with torque rated at 370. I don't get it!


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Factory ratings are just advertising PR, don't over analyze them.

I think it had a lot to do with insurance.
Here in Aus our early GTHO P3 had boss engines straight from the US they where advertised at 300bhp and torque at 380. As HemiKiller said don't buy into it to much.

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Boss did have higher hp but at higher rpm torque was same but at different rpm.cam an higher compression moved peak hp higher in rpm range. Marketing and insurance made mfg.claimed hp figures go down, most were higher than advertised. Boss351 included.

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Hp = how fast you hit the wall, TQ = how far you take the wall with you......

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aside from the factory ratings, torque is not directly proportional to hp . . the final tq vs hp of a particular engine depends on many factors.
You are also talking peak numbers.

If it has 300 torque from 2500 to 5000 it would be more streetable and more usable than 350 torque starting at 4000
captthundarr;241909 Wrote:Hp = how fast you hit the wall, TQ = how far you take the wall with you......
Love it, this plus what I was told as an apprentice, Torque wins races and Horsepower sells engines
HP vs TQ , a gas engine setup which develops lots of torque would be preferable for a race with lots of tight corners, acceleration, and gear changes, but would not be good for circle track or high speed track with less shifting, an engine with a lot of high-end horse power is more suited to a race on a high-speed ring type track. John Force funny car has 8000 hp, and 7000lb tq, combo of both works well, lets go too the other side. jet engine has no TQ, yet has tons of horse power, has pushed wheeled machines too the fastest speeds in the world "over the speed of sound with no TQ at all" and does pretty dang good in the quarter mile, would probably do poorly in a cornering type race lol, Steam engines have small HP, yet huge amounts of TQ. all counts the job, i like to have a good mix of both!! Wink

BTW i seen a old hot rod mag test while back, where they built a BOSS 351 too stock " according to them" and a chevy small block 375 hp stock, the BOSS made 385ish hp with a stock cam and pistons with a 750 holley...chevy made 352ish " quite a bit under the numbers" if i remmeber right with the same carb they used on the BOSS, just about on the advertized numbers. I don't trust the stock HP numbers anymore. They was playing alot of games with the numbers..lol

I found the page, i was a bit off..lol Boss 351, which produced an amazing 383 hp at 6,100 rpm and 391 lb-ft at 4,000 rpm. Torque production exceeded 375 lb-ft from 3,300 rpm to 4,700 rpm, showing the big ports and valves on the four-barrel Cleveland heads can be made to work in the lower rev ranges
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