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quarter trim panel felt/chrome strip
Does anybody know what that little piece on top of the quarter trim panel is called that has the little strip of chrome and felt? Where can I get them? I also need the seat belt bezels and an ash tray. Where can I get this stuff?
I could did through my spare parts dept. and see if I have any of this stuff?

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I think those are called inner beltline weather strip for quarter windows.
they come in the window Felt kit also called the window beltline kit.

don at ohio has them.

these are for fastback:



they will have to be rivited/screwed/stapled to replace the originals. they usually need to be bent or adjusted to fit better since they are reproduction.

they started to make the console ashtray a few years ago. i don't think they ever made the rear ashtray for the back seat on the interior panel passenger side.

you would have to find that from ebay or a donor car.
I have the seat belt bezels in white on ebay
Might have other colors
I have a rear ash tray too

Ohio Mustang Supply

[Image: oms_sig_banner.jpg]
I saw the ones in white, I haven't repainted my panels yet and I want to see how they come out before I buy a different color bezel. I actually have one of the two but its in sad shape. If you have these items Don could you shoot me a price?

Thanks for the answers gentlemen. So I have to buy a whole kit when I only need 2 pcs?

I have a friend with a 1972 Mustang Convertible who carried his panels to Auto Interiors and Tops Inc. and had them stapled on. Just like the factory.


Recommend to seek out local upholstery shop to see if they can perform the process for you, at a reasonable cost.

If you are going to use the staples, make sure you get stainless steel staples. The ones that come with the kit are plain steel.

That being said, it's not all that difficult to DIY. First step is to clean the piece you are installing the weather stripping. Now would be a good time to repaint as needed. I used a combination of spring clamps and binder clips to lock the weatherstrip in place. Check that it doesn't overhang the edge of the piece. I had to do some minor work with a file to trim the stainless trim that was a tad too long. Use the drill provided in the weatherstripping kit to locate the staples in the factory holes in the quarter panel or upper door panel. It's easy on the interior side, the exterior side takes some patience to line things up. Good luck.
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