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quarter extensions and license plate light
When I purchased my mach 1 there was nothing on the rear of the car to go by other than the trunk so ive been buying parts and finally have accumulated everything I believe.ive replaced the tailight panel and im not sure what goes on at the bottom of the quarter extension.is this hole supposed to be drilled through the tailight panel with a bolt and nut run through the bottom of the extension? Also I ordered the license plate light with bracket and the shield, does anyone have a closeup photo of these mounted on the car so I can get an idea. Thanks much[Image: 2q03tps.jpg][Image: fn4xfp.jpg]
Do not drill that - nothing goes in the lower hole

No pic for the shield

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I believe you need to weld up all the holes that run along the bottom of the tail panel. The holes are for the 73 bumper extension filler panel.


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Thanks so much guys. Ill take care of the holes. Glad u caught it before paint. Why would they put a hole in the bottom of the extensions if nothing goes there?
stevehcode;211927 Wrote:Thanks so much guys. Ill take care of the holes. Glad u caught it before paint. Why would they put a hole in the bottom of the extensions if nothing goes there?

The one hole in the center below the gas filler is for the license plat light wire.
stevehcode;211927 Wrote:Why would they put a hole in the bottom of the extensions if nothing goes there?

Out of the multitude of possible reasons, I'll go with this: the fastener intended for that hole was eliminated for cost reasons, and rather than paying the extension caster to revise their tooling to remove the hole, it was left in as it's covered by the bumper....
Mach71351c I checked my old tailight panel a bit ago on my 71 and the factory panel has these same holes along the bottom of it.is it possible the tailight harness had some clips that went in there to hold it to the panel?
No. The previous comments about welding them up are correct. The harness was secured to a tap on the lower edge of the tail lights. And maybe the latch support. I'd have to recheck the support area to be sure. The harness should have a stiff plastic cover over it running from light to light.
on a 71'-72' the holes should be welded shut, those years didn't use the holes.
on the 73' they were used for the filler panel that mounted between the bumper and the taillight panel.

you are correct, the taillight harness, attaches to the bottom of the taillights with a clip, and then they used 2 split tubes for the wiring along the rear panel from light to light, the only thing on the support bracket was the grounding screw.

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Okay but why would my oem 71 tailight panel have these holes if they were never used til 73? Is no one else's like this?
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