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pushrods and rockers
Don't know if parts have been replaced by 1st or 2nd owner, but whats the consensus on replacing pushrods and rockers. Engine builder didn't require them in his overview, but now we are into details and I DON'T KNOW. Do see glossy areas on inside of rockers, but told pushrods are ok

Alan L

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Alan L
I think they'd be ok to reuse, but if the budget allows then replace. Others may be more knowledgeable on the subject.

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roll the pushrods on a glass table to see if they are bent, and look thru the holes for any blockage, check the glossy areas in the rocker arms for a sharp edge at the end. If you have aluminum fulcrums I would replace the rockers and fulcrums.
Check for interference if using a higher lift cam, the slots are not long enough for high lift cams maybe .520 or so.
If they check out I think you can reuse.

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Hey Alan -

I've been looking at the same thing, and I'm kind of leaning toward replacing the rods with one-piece rods. I like what I've heard so far. Let's see what Jim and Jeff and the others think as well.



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