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pulsing vibration
If it turns out not drive but engine related be sure to check to see if flywheel or flex plate is loose or torque converter is an automatic. Just pull the inspection plate off to get to torque converter.
You can put on jack stands or lift and run it and listen to the different bearings with a piece of wood if you do not have a scope. A piece of wood broom handle pressed against say the pinion bearing and put your ear next to it you can hear the noise better.

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My 73 vert had the same type pulsing vibration that was terrible. After several months of aggravation and checking/replacing everything on the car that I thought might be the cause, turned out that the tailshaft bushing on the FMX was completely worn out. Also Pinion bearing is worn/leaking. Had the trans rebuilt and stopped 99% of the vibration. Still get a slight vibration at certain speeds from the worn pinion bearing that I haven't replaced yet but am confident that when I do it will take out all vibration.
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