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Prototype? Fiberglass? Eh?
Though I've been spending most of my time today Googling photos of Andy's (71BossPrototype) prototype '71 Boss 302, I keep coming back to three other '71 prototypes that constantly pop up in related searches:

First off:

[Image: 1971_Mustang.jpg]

To begin with, I wasn't quite sure the first one was a prototype until I gave the photo a close look (which is why I've linked to the largest resolution version) - then, I saw a few tipoffs that this wasn't any normal Mach:
  • Lower ride height - in front, particularly - than the production models. It sits the same to Andy's Boss 302 prototype in it's publicity shots as the Boss 351.
  • The hood and fenders carry the lower window molding (usually chrome), as seen only on coupes. It's present here, but painted over.
  • Grill lights and Mustang logo sit lower than usual.
  • Clear lenses on indicators and grille lamps
  • Where's the rear quarter panel-to-unibody seam?
  • Where's the fender-to-unibody gap?
  • NACA hood scoops don't have an insert, and the nostrils are slightly larger (4 rows of honeycombs)
  • Everything fits too well to be a production vehicle.
  • No antenna.

So is what I've been able to deduce from that photo - then there is car #2:

[Image: 71mach1.jpg]

Now, I'm almost convinced this second photo is of the same car - but I'm at a loss as to explaining the era. The grill insert is the production version (both Mustang logo and Mach 1 lights in their proper spots, rather than a bit lower than usual, as in picture #1), but it has the lower window trim in chrome, and - most notably - it has fender marker lights of a design not seen on any of the pre-production fiberglass cars made after 1969 - the 1970 fiberglass prototypes carried the production markers:

1969 prototype:
[Image: 1971-1972-1973-ford-mustang-7.jpg]

1970 prototype:
[Image: 1971-1972-1973-ford-mustang-9.jpg]

What's more, it has a ride height closer to factory specifications, all-black versions of the Sports Wheel Covers (which look fantastic with the paint scheme, I might add), and it also wears the same propagandistic front license plate, which is yet again shared on car #3 - on what is definitely a fiberglass shell:

[Image: 1971-1972-1973-ford-mustang-8.jpg]

Could it be that these are all the same fiberglass shell, updated as need be (and with the proper markers airbrushed onto the first beauty shot)?

I have yet to find information on any of the three, though I'm guessing the timeline of these three photos would be #3 first, followed by #1, and then #2 as the most recent - despite no airbrushing of the marker lights.


[Image: satellite-valiant-mustang-license-tags-signature.png]
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Interesting possibility.

Kurt - sure appreciate you digging for historical info!


1971 Boss 351  
1972 Q code 4 speed convertible 
1971 Mustang Sportsroof  351-2V FMX 
1973 Mach 1 (parts car)
Very interesting. Thanks Kurt

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