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Problem in rear?
In test fitting some parts i have mocked up i am not sure which part is wrong.

I have my quarters mocked up and they are fitting tight to the rear light panel but the bumper does not follow the curve of the quarter. When i held the rear valance up,it fit the quarters like it should. I am not sure if it is the right bumper or not. The bumper did not fit right when i got the car. There was some pounding of the quarters and body fillered back in.
I am pretty sure i have the wrong bumper brackets to. The brackets i have have the holes off center to each other and the bumper holes are straight up and down. When i line up the bottom hole of the bracket with the bottom hole of the bumper the top of the bracket does not go to the top of the bumper and does not match the the upper hole.

[Image: IMG_0387.jpg]
In the pic above you can see how the shape of the bumper doesn't match the quarter panel. I am fairly certain the quarter is correct. It follows the Quarter extension curve . From center line of car to the top part of the stamp out for the bumper on the quarters, each side is within 1/8th of each other.
In the pictures below, when i hook the tape in the bottom bumper hole and measure to the point of the bottom stamp out on the quarter for the bumper they are within a 1/4". The pics are at a slight angle but looking directly at it the measuremants are close.
[Image: IMG_0390.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0389.jpg]
What do i have going on here?
I posted some pics on your thread at Mach1club.com that may help you out.

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[Image: 20180127_082009.jpg]

upload a photo on internet

Without going look at pictures, there was a thread on here talking about differences in the 73 and 71-72 bumpers. I think it was Patcon in South carolina with the questions...
Looks like the bumper is wrong.
mach71351c;24502 Wrote:Looks like the bumper is wrong.
Ditto...That bumper is definitely the wrong bumper looks like a 69 70 bumper

Agree... Bumper is a horrible reproduction or just wrong... Dont know though if it can be a 69 70 bumper... i thought our era of mustang were a lot wider...

But the problem isx the bumper for sure

Damián Cool

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Hi Matt,
looks like the bumper is not a 71-73 one. The curve is not right and the top should be flat. Here´s a pic of mine:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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Thanks guys. I was suspecting the bumper. Everything else has fitted rather well. The car had been hit in the rear or rear passenger quarter at some point in its life and someone slapped on this bumper.

Everything has been measuring out pretty good but in the back of my mind was knowing at some point it has been hit and wanted to make sure it wasn't anything else.

Guess a call to don to get a bumper ordered is on the list to do.
Looks kinda like a Cougar bumper to me.
73mach1429;24889 Wrote:Looks kinda like a Cougar bumper to me.


Jeff T.

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