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Prep underhood before paint
Just a quick share of the results I achieved using the good advice from the awesome members of the website.
   Please don't rip me for not pulling the motor...
I just didn't want to go there at the time...

It's not a concours resto, just a clean up

1st photo- general surface rust I was dealing with. Pretty much everywhere under hood.
2nd photo- one overnight application of Klean Strip concrete and metal prep (phosphoric acid)
3rd photo-primed, Rust-oleum lacquer primer
4th photo-finished with Eastwood Underhood Black

 now to clean up the block and put some blue on it where its visible

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clever advice that was.
I would remove engine if i were you.

P.S. lol you wrote that. RIP.
That turned out really nice, keep us updated with more pics as you make progress.

1972 Q Code Convertible
I know you didn't want to pull the engine, but you have most of the work done. Even at my age I could have it and the transmission pulled in less than an hour, by myself. Sure make it easier to paint your engine and finish the engine bay. It took me about 2 hours to remove the hood, radiator and engine with transmission. Getting the hood off and radiator removed are a big part of it. Drive shaft, transmission linkage, speedometer cable, vacuum line, an electrical connection, transmission mounts, and motor mounts are all that are left.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Because of the time and method you took (to mask) ....MY BET is you will do ok on the motor too ! Once you mask the compartment (you can use old bed sheets and tape like this) you will be able to spray the blue!

The trick is to find the awkward angles that you can't get the can into FIRST. (spray those little areas so they don't peak out afterwords). Another thing to use is Alum Foil (as you can cover items that don't get blue) on things like motor mounts, fuel pump or exhaust manifolds.

YOU are going to be happy when done.
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