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Power windows stopped working, Gauge cluster lights don't work
Hey! I'd first like to thank anyone taking the time to help me.

Now, my gauge cluster lights have never worked. I just haven't had the time nor money to try to work on the car. I have, however, replaced the LEDs inside the cluster to no luck. The turn signal lights work sometimes though...

My power windows on the other hand, one of the people who owned the car before me had put in power windows and power seats (not worried about the seats but they stopped working too). The power windows were working fine until I put in a new radio into the car. I guess I had pulled some wires too hard? idk, but as soon as I got the radio in and turned on the battery to listen, sparks flew out of the window buttons! Shootself (they are in the center console behind the shifter) So, I turned it off and on and the windows just never worked since. Good thing they were already all the way up so no rain!

I know nothing about electricity, hell, this is my first car to restore and I only know how to do body work and some mechanical stuff. I do know there is power going to the buttons because their light turns on and I tested the switch under the buttons, but there is no power going to the windows. Huh

Again, I appreciate anyone who helps. I wanna be able to drive it comfortably again!
Sounds like a wire may have been grounding out and when you added power it fried the switch.

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- Jason

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When you installed the new radio did you install speakers in the doors or run new wires to the doors? If so that is likely where your problem is and would be the best place to start troubleshooting.

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The p.W. switches in the console says someone just put them in and not correct. Should be door mounted. So no wiring diagram to look at for this one. It should have blown a fuse before melting the switches. I would do lots of checking and get fuses on everything so you don't burn the car down. I would not leave the battery hooked up until you have it sorted out. Get you one of the quick disconnect battery switches and unhook when not in use.

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