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Power Windows not working
So when I got the car I new that only the passenger window switch works on the driver's door control panel. I removed the door(carefuly). I was hoping some of the wires were loose, but they were solid. Any ideas on what the most likely culprit would be if only 1 window works? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I have to take it somewhere, I'm leaving the door panel off so they can't charge me for that labor!

PS On a lighter note, when I took off the door panel a HUGE spider with a big spider egg sac was chilling there. Unfortunately for the spider, this was his last day.Big Grin
Some basic tips that I gained from my 98 and 01 Mustangs is to check the ground on the motor in the door. One one of mine I was able to loosen and re-tighten the motor mounting nuts and the motor has been working fine for several years. The other I ended up having to replace the motor. Try to check all the electrical connections with a volt meter. Good luck.

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most likely the master switches in drivers door. you can use a jumper wire to check them, but I forgot how.
Check ground at motor as Mike stated and then if it still does not work take and run a hot wire from battery to motor and see if it works then. If it does i would replace the switch.

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Thanks guys for the advice! I just got a circuit tester so I can start there to see if ny of the switches are bad. I'm def going to run the hot wire to the motor, but I that means unbolting the inner door metal panel to even get to it. I looked up the replacement switches and they are $46 each...I have 4 that don't work. I have a feeling I will be spending more. I'll post this weekend on my progress!
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