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Power Window Interchange From a Cougar
I found a 71 Cougar in a wrecking yard with power windows. How much of this will work in a 72 Mach? I know the front window regulators will fit. It seems to have the wire harness intact. It looks like it was an add on harness to install the power windows in the car at the factory.

And how about the rear quarter regulators and glass?

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. And I tried the search but didn"t ses it. It will take me many hours of reading to catch up.
Everything except the glass is the same

Ohio Mustang Supply

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OMS;120499 Wrote:Everything except the glass is the same

Let us know the price you end up paying and be sure to get everything INCLUDING THE DOOR GLASS - it is different than roll up
glass. PW door glass has a half moon cut out to clear the PW motor.

If it is a 73 then all the switches are available new and cheap.

Most of the time an inop PW set up can be fixed by replacing the switches as they pass current through to the other windows.

Be sure to get the relay on the drivers side shock tower and the power lead that goes around to the battery.

I have added or swapped PW at least 4 times now - not a bad project.

- Paul
Can you post pics of the CAT? I might be interested in buying parts from you off it.
Ok, Got everything except the glass for $125.00 All four regulators, complete wiring harness and relay and all nuts, bolts, screws that held it in. The switch bezels were missing. The door glass was gone, but the quarter glass is there. The glass will only fit coupes. I will go get the rear glass next week if I can. The car is pretty well picked clean of all running gear related, interior and accessories (after only 2 weeks of being out there).
Any front grills or taillights? Bumpers?
mach1000;120683 Wrote:Any front grills or taillights? Bumpers?

Are you looking for rechrome-able bumpers
I have 67 and 72 Cougar here

Ohio Mustang Supply

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