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Power Steering Pump Replace 1972 MACH, stock?
Funny, in the old days with my 67, I just went to (Grand Auto, Kragen) got a pump with the pulley already on it, and slapped it in.

I want to replace my pump, (old, leaky) ect.. while in the process of cleaning up the engine compartment.

It seems that all the pumps I quickly searched don't come with the pulley.
Do I have to have the pulley on my pump removed and pressed on to a new pump?
How does this work with a 72?


Yes you will need to get a Power steering pump pulley puller as well as an installer. Pulley will come right off and back on with the correct tools. I have the Snap On CJ117A and the CJ118 tools. You can look on ebay or Snap ons website to see what they look like. The puller has a C shaped cup the goes around the pulley head. There is a threeaded shaft in the middle. You hold the c cup part with a wrench and turn the threaded rod with a wrench and it will slowly pull the pulley off the shaft. Always good to spray it down with oil to keep it moving smoothly. If you don't want to buy them you may be able to get loaner tools from Advance or Autozone. Or you pay a auto machine shop or auto repair shop to do it for you. You do have to get the pulley off to get to the three bolts that hold the pump bracket to the pump housing off. 

I bought and used successfully a puller from Harbor Freight for this purpose.
Thanks, Jay
You can usually borrow the tool for free from any of the big chain stores.

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I just did a seal kit install on my PS pump. Was pretty easy but do make note of where the pulley is on the shaft, depth wise. There is not a shoulder on the shaft and you need it to align with the crank and fan pulleys to work properly. I was shocked when I took the pump apart it looked brand new inside and the seals and o-rings were not difficult to install. Do reference how the two halves go together again no stop or index to go back the same.
Yes the parts house will loan you the puller if you do not want to buy one. I would keep your pump and just do the seal kit install yourself unless there is a pump issue.

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(05-16-2018, 05:59 AM)clevelandcoupe Wrote: Andy,
I bought and used successfully a puller from Harbor Freight for this purpose.
Thanks, Jay
+1, for $17 it was easy

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Thanks for the info....
I was afraid of that. 
What a pain compared to my 67.
See, I'm redoing my engine compartment, paint ect.  The pump came on the car I got 3 yrs ago. 
It leaks at the bottom hose fitting, the return.
I even taped a piece of paper to the back of the pump, between the upper pressure fitting and the lower hose fitting to see if it would get wet.
I thought the fluid had to be coming from the upper pressure line.
Also alot of gunky oil mess build up around the shaft behind the pully.
I'd like a nice mechanically clean one in the car.

I know what I'll have to do.
Thanks again for the help.

by the way, I have a puller...

  I've never heard of a pully "installer",  How do you reinstall the pully?
(05-16-2018, 07:54 PM)andy72 Wrote: Oh,
by the way, I have a puller...

  I've never heard of a pully "installer",  How do you reinstall the pully?

The pulley is a press-on type, with a tapered shaft. You can't simply smack it on with a hammer, as the two parts need to be drawn together. 

FWIW, it sounds like your leak is either the return hose itself, or the pump reservoir housing has a crack in it. Could also possibly be the gasket around the pressure outlet. You probably don't need to do anything to the pump itself. The housing comes off the pump by removing the nut under the pressure fitting. 

All of this is detailed in the Ford shop manual. I highly recommend you purchase one if it's not on your bookshelf yet.

I bought this kit years ago. Not the kind of tool you use very often, but when you do, the pulley come out and goes back in like butter.
So while I'm happy I have it, as no shop over here has this specific kind of tool, in the USA, if you can borrow it, I'd go for that.
Also got a repair kit last year for the original pump, once the pulley is off (the hard part made easy with the tool) the todo doesn't look very difficult. Basically its a bunch of O-rings to change. I haven't done it yet, as it turned out it was an air bubble that prevented the pump to preload. Playing the pulley back and forward a few times, and adding bits more oil did the trick. But I'm sure at some point I'll have to install it as these pumps are not reknown for their long trouble free life.

[Image: puller.jpg]

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