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Power Steering pump Question.
Hi to all,

Here's one for the tech boys, or Mustang history buffs. I was told the other day that Ford changed their power steering pumps between the years of '71 to '73. Does anyone happen to know if that was true?

The reason why i'm asking is because the pump in my '73 Vert is just perfect in relation to not making any noises, and producing great smooth steering operation in all manner of driving situations. The pump in my '73 Mach 1 however, makes bad whining noises when parking the car at crawl speeds and turning the steering wheel to maneuver the car when parking off. I also get steering wheel shudder happening as well in the same above situation.This has been explained away to me by advising me that some of the pumps Ford supplied, did play up in this regard, and there is not much that can be done to remedy these problems.

I will be investigating this with my mechanic soon to see what can be done. I am leaning towards getting the pump reconditioned at this stage, but will wait until my mechanic gives me his opinion as to what i will end up doing. Any feedback would be appreciated to help me know what exactly i'm up against here.

Thank you in advance,


From my experience, Ford pumps are notorious for whining if they are ever run low on fluid. On my 72 I replaced the pump, which quieted it, but I also had the "shudder" and just poor steering until I replaced the steering box as well. Hopefully all you need is a pump. I don't know about a change in pumps, I'm sure someone else does!

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When my car is cold I have the "Shudder" when turning right until I drive it a couple
miles it warms up and goes away.

I changed the pump for leaking issues and the "Shudder" issue did not change.

Must be the steering gear.

Hello Greg,

I took a look in the Ford Master Parts Catalog see what was the just of the power steering pumps. According to the FMC, the Ford pump was installed from until 7/1/72 with part # D1ZZ-3A674-B and updated from 7/1/72 with D3ZZ-3A674-A. I went to Rock auto to see if there were any differences from 1971 and 1973. They have the same pump listed. I am not sure what the differences would be unless they improved the pump.

[Image: 35a0ni9.jpg]

Source: Ford Motor Company Copy Right: May, 1975



I did see other Fords with Saginaw pumps.
The "whining" is all in the pump, the "shudder" is most likely from the gear box adjustments being loose when cold and going away when the metals warm up and expand and if anything else in the steering system is loose, it just compounds the problem making it worse. Have your "wrench bender" check the back lash on the "worm" gear and sector shaft. I can't give you the specs right now as I don't have my service manuals in front of me.
Thanks for all the feedback Guys. That's a great help.


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