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Power Steering Pump needs replacing 1972
Explored this part of the car project last year, now it's time to do it.

72 Mach 1 needs nice new (not leaky) fresh power steering pump for my under hood clean up project.
Found out you can't go down to the local O'reillys like I used to (Kragen, Grand Auto) and grab a rebuild complete with pulley ready to go..
O'reillys can't even get one. 
I need one with the reservoir because my lower attachment leaks where it attaches to the pump.
No, it's not the pressure hose above it leaking.
Not the hose clamp or hose.
I guess I could have it welded up and rebuild the current pump?
don't really want to. 
Rock Auto has, but a pain to ship cores back and forth. ect..
CJ pony, yeah, I looked

Anybody pulled this off recently in an easy manner?
Best Ideas?

Already pulled the pulley off the old pump

I have one that I recently pulled from my 73 Mach 1 (351 Cleveland) that I had rebuilt by Power Steering Services (I have the receipt) a couple of years ago that has, maybe, 200 miles on it. PM me if interested. I went to a 427 Windsor with a Vintage Air Front Runner accessory drive that includes their PS pump/reservoir.
RockAuto shows 3 diff pumps with reservoir


I bought a brand new cardone select unit, pump and reservoir from Rockauto, p/n 967054 . It’s made in China. Whines when turning, this is after the air was bled from lines. I’m very disappointed, wouldn’t recommend. If I would have know it was made in China I wouldn’t wouldn’t have bought it. I didn’t have to send in a core either. I still have my factory one so I’ll probably try to get someone to rebuild it. Ryan

1973 Mach 1, Porsche Guards Red, 429/C6
1972 Mach 1, Grabber Blue, 302/C4, currently under construction
You can repair that pump with the $12 repair kit form CJP.
If you don't plan to paint it, all you need is get a pulley extractor and spend the next 2 hours to clean your garage floor if you forget like me that there is more oil trapped in there than one may think. The repair on itself is really easy and the kit surprisingly of good quality.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
+1 on installing the seals, especially if your pump works good. It's a crap shoot buying new or rebuilt parts these days.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Harbor Freight has the pulley extractor kit that is a reasonable cost also....
Thanks, Jay
Most times the leak at the rear of the pump is the gaskets sealing the reservoir housing to the pressure outlet fitting. The return tube is fairly well supported, so it is unlikely to leak. The fluid leaking from gaskets behind the fitting runs down and drips from the return tube, so it looks like that's the culprit. You could probably braze the return tube seal a leak. IIRC, the tube is swaged and/or furnace brazed at the bottom end.

Easy way to tell what's going on is to use brake cleaner to thoroughly clean the rear of the pump and blow it completely dry with compressed air. Zip tie a clean white rag or paper towel around the fitting at the case and run the car for a bit. If you have red fluid on the rag, that's where your leak is. If it's clean and you have fluid dripping from the return tube, that's your culprit.

The seal kits are under $10 from RockAuto


Another option would be to send it to Chockstang and have him rebuild it.


I've got two pumps kicking it on my garage floor that could at least be used for the can…
If you feel handy I'd try the self rebuild route.

And if you ever end up in the far northern reaches of CA and want a pump send me a PM.
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